Hang Dog Hymns: CD
  • Hang Dog Hymns: CD

Hang Dog Hymns: CD

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Rootsy post-honky tonk music from Dash Rip Rock's Bill Davis and friends. “Hang-Dog Hymns” EP Bill Davis on The Convergers: “I've been writing music since I was a teenager. Despite being known for getting the rowdier corners of alt-country started, I write quiet too. Over the years a few of those mellower songs have snuck onto records or into my set, and people have loved them. The Convergers has given me the chance to stretch out and write another kind of music I love.” Written over a two-year period, “Hang-Dog Hymns” was recorded in New Orleans and at a rural studio in Mississippi. Bill Davis (songwriter, guitar, lead vocals) is also the founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter for the high-octane roots band Dash Rip Rock. Born in New Orleans and a recent inductee into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, Davis is often credited as a pioneer in country punk, cowpunk, and alt-country music that combines elements of rock with country. The Austin Chronicle calls Davis “the brain's behind Dash's brawn- a barroom poet with a wicked sense of humor and a shameless knack for a good lick.” The New York Times says his work shows “fluency in American roots music” and the Washington Post says his songs “do more than sell beer on a Saturday night.” For over 20 years, Davis has amassed a loyal, diverse following. The wide tent of his fan base includes aficionados of rock, roots-rock, Americana, as well as rockabilly, country, and punk. DRR has released 17 records that have been hailed as underground classics. Rock critics say Davis' songwriting has “always had a way with twisting the images of deep south life.” The team: Bill Davis (lead guitar, vocals, songwriter) Charles Smith (bass, background vocals) Joey Van LeeUwen (drums) Cheryl Wagner (songwriter) Bruce Tyner (pedal steel) Convergers' engineer extraordinaire Jay Wesley has worked with Beach House (SubPop), Alex Ebert (of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros), Dash Rip Rock, Ani Difranco, The Vibrators, The Revivalists, & many, many, many more.

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